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Drug Policy Forum Speaks to KITV About the Need for Dispensaries

Visit the KITV site to see a video. Pamela Lichty and Teri Heede, a medical Cannabis Patient, talk to KITV about the upcoming legalization in Colorado, and about how the laws in Hawaii may change in the coming years. In … Continue reading

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Why a Veteran is on a Mission to Make Cannabis Available to Those Suffering from PTSD

This story comes to us from alternet. Perry Parks, who you may remember from the documentary The Good Soldier, wants to provide access to medical cannabis for the 20 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with symptoms of PTSD. While … Continue reading

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Huffpost Explores how Cannabis Affects your Skin

Read the full article on the Huffington Post. The long and short of it is this: cannabis raises your testosterone levels which can cause oilier and hairier skin, but some compounds seem to reverse the ageing process. Cannabis gives you … Continue reading

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