How to submit online testimony

If you want to submit testimony for a bill that is scheduled for a committee hearing, here is what to do:

testimony steps 1 and 2First, visit the capitol website by clicking here. If you have not yet signed up for an account, you should click “Register” in the top right corner and enter your email address in the form that it presents. If you have an account, Click “Sign In,” (labelled step 1) and enter your email and password on the next page.

Then, return to the page of the bill that you wish to testify for. Click the “Submit Testimony” button (labelled Step 2).

This will give you a form that you can use to testimony formenter your personal information and testimony. You can either enter your testimony into the box labelled “comments” or you can hit the button marked “Browse” to upload a document from your computer. This is preferable you have time.

The recommended format for these documents is as follows:
• At the top of your testimony, include: 1) Name of the committee; 2) Names of the  committee chair and vice-chair; 3) Date and time of the hearing; and 4) Hearing room
• Identify the bill and your position on the bill
• Include a salutation to the committee
• Introduce yourself in the first paragraph

Example (from our friends at Community Alliance on Prisons):

Good testimony is both personal and specific. The best approach is to tell the committee how the bill they are considering will affect you. On the bill tracking feature of our website we will have a few helpful talking points if you need them, but try to put them in your own words and speak from the heart.

Mahalo for your support.

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