Talking Points: SB2402

Central message:

This bill is an unacceptable attempt to limit the choice that medical cannabis patients have in using their marijuana. Many patients dislike smoking marijuana, preferring instead to use oils, tinctures, juices, and edible products that are easier for the very sick to consume and more predictable. This bill would ban all of these, which is absurd, contrary to the spirit of the law, and contrary to medical fact.

In more depth:

There is no reason to force the very sick to smoke marijuana when there are better ways for them to ingest it.

  • There are perfectly safe ways of making all of these products. The butane hash oil that is likely the cause for concern in this case should be addressed separately in its own legislation.
  • Individual needs vary. Some patients may find that smoking is a better way for them to self titrate, others find that tinctures or oils work best for them. There is no reason for legislators to dictate how this medicine should be administered.

This bill is completely intolerable and CANNOT be allowed to pass. It is laughable to think that we would even consider forcing all of our medical marijuana patients to smoke their medicine, when much better, safer, more pleasant methods of administering it are available to them.

Recommended address:

Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs
Sen. Will Espero, Chair
Sen. Rosalyn H. Baker, Vice Chair

Monday, February 10, 2014


Conference Room 229
State Capitol
415 South Beretania Street

Strong Opposition – SB2402 – Relating to Controlled Substances

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