New Mexico Court of Appeals Rules That Cannabis is Covered by Insurance

Read the full story here.


Until now, supporters of medical cannabis have not been quick to push for insurance coverage for medical cannabis. The health insurance system is regulated nationally, and Hawaii’s near miss with SB2574/HB2092 SD1 showed just how much the Medical Cannabis program has to fear from being incorporated into the quagmire of health insurance.

Still, there are many good reasons for wanting it to be a covered medical treatment, not the least of which will be cost savings.

Medical Marijuana is currently at something of a crossroads between being accepted and used as Western medicine, with all of the benefits and limitations of that label, and being a part of alternative medicine. Until now, the illegality of medical cannabis and the stigma attached to using cannabis as medicine have forced it into the category of alternative medicine. Perhaps this is a decision that we need to make.

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