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  2. Rob Vogland says:

    I have been prescribed since the very beginning…. many years ago. It is great to see your website! Thank you for taking on the stigma and squashing it so well!

  3. voglandr001 says:

    I have been prescribed since the beginning. Thank you for taking on the stigma and squashing it so well!

  4. Thanks to everyone at the MCCHI, for your courageous and important work. In Hawaii, I particularly look forward to the Cannabis coalition actively contending mis-characterization of THC Ministry founder, Reverend Roger Christie as “a danger to his community.” Your work proves that nothing could be further from the truth. I trust that you will continue to help effect his immediate release through your campaign of public awareness.

  5. Andrew says:

    Many mahalos for your tireless activities. We need to decriminalize Cannabis and stop using the term “war on drugs.” Why does this meme of violence keep creeping into our culture? Why do politicians and the media insist on perpetuating these tired words? Why is there a war on everything? We need to use more constructive words to point to a healthier way of being with each other. Our leaders need to be better educated in civil discourse and stop foisting battle language on us.

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  7. steve mares says:

    It’s great what you do for people like me.look foward to meeting some of you in Apri. Thanks for support…

  8. Juliet Begley says:

    I have cared for people with cancer — and marijuana was the only solution to the terrible problems associated with lack of appetite and pain, and the side-effects of chemo. Cannabis was the only therapy that allowed my patients to be able to function.
    Then there is the Constitutional aspects of the marijuana issue and the Roger Christie case — which endangers everyone. How can he be denied bail?

  9. Robert Scott says:

    I have medical cannabis cards in both California and Hawaii since I spend about half the time in both. Let us hope all our state governments and feds realize they lost the war on drugs back in the 70’s and they just do not know it. Most of the drug pushers in this country have MD’s. Through meditation, good nutrition, and yoga, we could solve 99% of the problems on this planet. Thank you for all you do towards the goal of marijuana decriminalization.

  10. Brian Meatoga says:

    Thank you for your Organizations fight for rights of individuals who need these natural herbs. I am a combat Vietnam vet I take at least 4 different VA addictive drugs that turns me into a sitting vegy, mouth open & drawling, for my 100% PTSD, plus 11 pills for IHD(CAD) 60% & diabetes type 2. After returning from Vietnam 1973 is where I started to smoke marijuana to deal with PTSD which was highly available in Bankok & Olangapo City,PI, I continued to drink a case a day of beer for over 10 years then driving laws (DUI) became stricter then drank only at home and smoked pot to deal with PTSD till 2012 VA finally issued me meds that screw me up mentally & no longer can smoke marijuana to calm my anxiety and nightmares at night today with VA drugs I still get nightmares and meet the VA shrink monthly & let him know but they do nothing other than telling me continue to take your drugs. Since seeing him in 2006 I told him marijuana always calm my anxiety and temper but he says I can no longer use it for VA has 0% tolerance on usage of marijuana.

  11. William Baker says:

    I support

  12. Motzzzzz says:

    I can’t understand why Hawaii is the only state that DOES NOT have medical marijuana dispensaries. How can a patient expect to grow their own medical marijuana plants and not expose themselves and their plants to under age children and thieves. This state will profit if they can get dispensaries to sell marijuana legally to those who NEED IT.

    • dpaghi says:

      We very much agree. Keep an eye on our current legislation. We consider dispensaries to be the single biggest legislative priority.

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