Talking Points/Take Action on current Legislation

As we hear about bills that could affect medical cannabis patients, caregivers, and doctors in Hawaii, we will post information here on how you can let your opinion be known, and enlist community support.  You can join the Medical Cannabis Coalition of Hawaii here. Please note that the most recent bills/hearings are listed first.  


Two ways to submit testimony:

1) By Email: E-mail if less than 5 pages in length, to the Committee email address (see below). Please indicate the measure, date and time of the hearing. Email sent to individual offices or any other office will not be accepted.

2) By Web: Online if less than 4MB in size, at

To: Legislator, Chair of Committee
Legislator, Vice Chair of Committee
From: (Your Name)
RE: Bill Name and Number Relating
Hearing: Day, Date of hearing, room number
Position: Strong Support  

Write your own reasons for supporting or opposing the bill. It is always a good idea to use your personal experiences and stories.  You may also use two or three of the talking points we’ve provided below. Try to address the details in the bill you are testifying on since there may be some parts you like more than others. Please be polite and respectful when submitting testimony.



Several bills relating to marijuana have been scheduled for hearings on Thursday, February 13, 2014. These are: SB2402 which prevents medical patients from being protected for using concentrates of any kind, as well as SB2733 a legalization bill and SB2358, a decriminalization bill. Also, SB2215 the “good Samaritan” bill needs our support despite not dealing directly with marijuana.



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